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Have a question? Hopefully we can answer it here! If not, please get in touch.

What can I expect in a class?

A warm-up, focusing on mobilisation, pulse raising, conditioning and basic stretches.


Conditioning exercises, improving strength and revisiting fundamentals of the discipline.

Tricks and Combinations: up to three tricks/ combinations.  Regressions (easier options) and progressions (harder options) will be given to those who require it, making every lesson accessible for everyone.

Recap: A moment for students to practice something previously learnt at Aerial Arts Dorset. 

A cool down will take place at the end of every lesson. Bringing the heart rate down, focusing in and stretching out all the main muscles groups.


What do I need to bring with me?

Bottle of water

Small hand towel - For pole Fitness

Yoga mat - for Aerial Hammock/Yoga


Please do not wear Jewellery to any of your classes - it scratches the poles and can rip the hammocks.

Do not wear ANY moisturiser or body lotion to pole class as it is dangerous - this includes fake tan and suntan lotion.

Please do not wear heavy make-up/fake tan in the hammocks either.


Do I need to be flexible and strong?

No, flexibility and strength is not a requirement for aerial arts. In fact, aerial arts is a great way to work on and improve flexibility, strength and overall fitness!


What shall I wear?


Form fitting clothing, a sports top, vest, leggings and bare feet (unless taking part in a heels class). When going up the pole you will be required to wear shorts for your leg grip.

We also ask that you don't moisturise or fake tan the day you come to pole, this will just make you and the pole slippery and can be potentially dangerous.


Form fitting clothing, a sports top, vest, leggings and bare feet. We strongly advise against any loose clothing for aerial.


Where can I park?

The Allendale Centre has a number of free parking spaces, and Allenview public car parks adjacent (free after 6pm). 


How can I book?

Click HERE to book a class.


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